Pattern : Study the Classics

Pattern Overview :

I believe this was a very short pattern but its content did not disappoint at all. It brought light to a few apprenticeship concepts that are needed in order for one to be called a master. Usually, developers are often self taught since the practice is so highly technical, they tend to gain hands on training  instead of the theoretical concepts. When this is the case, you as the developer misses out of the fundamental theory and structure of programming. 

Understanding the theory behind the practical actions gives you knowledge and proper understanding of how things are suppose to work. It also introduces you to acceptable and common practices in the field of development. Successful apprentices in the field spend time reading and understanding concepts from old software books. 


I truly believe and agree with the author concerning this topic. I know that reading not only keeps the mind busy but also explains how things are done and acquired. So the author advices to stick to classics since they provide and hold the most knowledge.  The Knowledge and understanding that is founds in these classics provide vital information that guides and  keeps up coming developers informed. With this being addressed, the author again addressed a con of this practice. He believed that reading old classics would cause one to be stuck in the old ways and forgot about new and upcoming technology. I  think this is invalid because i believe instead keeping you obsolete, the idea origins and knowledge get passed to you and you are in some way given a a head start on combining the old up with new modifications and designs. Once again fully understanding the methods and practices if the classics heightens your understanding of the craft and gives you the ability to build upon what you have read. 


Reading in it self is a great practice that keeps us alert and informed but reading about development introduces you to new arenas that had not yet being discovered yet. Long Lived books in the industry are often written by developers who take a lot of pride and pleasure in their ling of works and do not hesitate should an opportunity come up. 



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