Pattern : The Long Road

Chapter 3. Walking the Long Road

In this chapter, Adewale Oshineye and Dave Hoover bring light to the life long journey of becoming a master in programming. One cannot expect to become a great programmer after a specific number of years because the concept of mastery in it self is subjective in programing. Its subjective because the better you get, the more you begin to understand how much you actually don’t know.

The author begins by acknowledging the fact that being exceptional in your group just means you need to find new competing and other sources of motivation because like everything in life, there is always someone who will be better at it than you. I agree with the author when it comes to the longitivtiy of programing. I have always known and understood that there will never be a time where i didn’t have anything else to learn in programing, in-fact after taking the software testing class, i realized that far beyond great programing skills is a whole plethora of development that deals with software testing and designing softwares that can be properly tested. The concept of mastery in programing should be facetiously understood as a hoax because no such thing exists. Everyday new technology emerges and with each new technology comes new knowledge and techniques that needs to be learned and implemented. So you can be a very familiar with something today but tomorrows technology will bounce you down from you mastery pedestal. The key to staying relevant is to dedicate yourself to a lifetime of learning and with each step, grow a more yearning character that is always ready to receive and learn new things.

Finally, there was a section in the reading that i don’t think i fully agreed with. It talked about passing up new opportunities to move up into management and elaborated on staying in your path to maximize growth but i disagree with this. There is a saying that goes like “in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is the king”. I don’t understand how it makes sense for a dedicated apprentice programmer to pass up an opportunity to oversee and mentor other programmers just so someone else who is trying to exit the programing world ,take the position to criticize and give instructions on how code should be written. 



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