Pattern(4) -THE WHITE BELT



Chapter Thoughts 

I think this was a very informational chapter in the pattern lists. This chapter opened my eyes to the realization of my current situation. We are moving on to angular development for our capstone experience and its seems to be taking me longer to understand and grasp the concept. I had been using mostly java for most of my college programming years and have grown accustomed to the ways and norms of how things are done. But with this new angular task I realized that I had to learn and try to understand more things and even though I am a pretty quick at picking up new technology and understanding them, angular was just taking me long. But after reading this pattern, I understand that developing the deep knowledge and tricks in java and getting accustomed to being able to maneuver around in that specific language caused me to slow down my skill picking ability. Since I didn’t have to pick up much but instead implement and use what I had acquired.

I believe and agree with the author of the book to some extent. I cannot just forget all I have learned and start from scratch but I can create a new array mentally that is to be filled with new technologies and languages and also try not to bring up what I already know when learning the new materials. But doing this, I will yearn a humble and fertile mind that will be able to grasp and understand anything that will be thrown at it. Also according to the author, unlearning what you have learnt and forcing yourself to believe in your novice status exponentially accelerates the new learning process and makes it easy to develop new insight and possibilities. I believe that its very important for me to understand that I have to give the new technology time and energy to allow my mind to digest it. And after that I will be able to combine it with my prior acquired knowledge, it is at that point that I can call my self a good programmer. Knowing one technology is good but being able to learn multiple and train your mind to utilize what you have learnt makes you a special programmer!



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