Pattern 3 : Use The Source

Chapter Reflection 

 I found this chapter (pattern) to be another intriguingly good read. It addressed an issue I had questioned a fellow programmer about. I asked him about all these great programmers that have written many prestigious codes and programs. They didn’t have access to these Google sources we are able to consult for help to aid us in figuring out issues and problems. What did they look up when they had issues? Imagine a programing world where you couldn’t Google or look at other great programing works to model out a solution. No open source API’s and frameworks to work with. It would be very difficult to get things done. As the author said, “if you don’t look at the works of other that are better than you, you are doomed to continue making your own mistakes and carry on your bad habits”. We often forget that we are a generation that strives to continually move forward and the key to doing this is by learning from others mistakes and building upon it so we don’t have to make the same mistakes by so doing, we maximize our time spent on moving forward.

Personal Perspective

i strongly believe that the development of my programming abilities did not take a day’s work but instead a life time journey involving many years of learning, reading and absorbing varieties of programing techniques and their proper applications. Yearning to learn at every opportunity i get and through that, i believe i will begin to develop a keen sense for what is proper and practical. i will also learn to understand the decisions and thought processes that goes into all the good programming works. Programming remains an art that needs to mastered and the more i feel i am exposed to others exhibits and what the experts think about them, the more i will be able to learn, see and inspire my own artistic sense. Although not to be confused with mimicking, One needs to understand that everyone has their own niche that they will have to carve but this will result from being exposed to many programing’s forms and finding the one that works for you.


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