Sprint 1

Team Retrospective – Sprint 1


I think this was a very important sprint because it introduced me to my teammates and it also showed me a little bit of what I can expect from my team during this project. During this sprint, we were to learn about angular tests and how to implement them, clone the project that was to be worked on, run the project and ensure that it built successfully and also make sure we were able to log into the program and kind of get a feel for the program’s UI ( User interface). Most of these tasks were accomplished and throughout the process, I was able to learn a bit more about my team. There were a few that reached out to us when we had issues and others even stepped up sent group messages text messages to ensure we were on track and slack messages when they came up with solutions and answers we didn’t have. Also I made sure to emphasize on creating a good working environment and a relaxed atmosphere for every one to feel comfortable and casual. I accomplished this by starting conversations and asking how everyone was doing whenever we had team meetings. Overall, I think we have a really good group and can get a lot accomplished this year because although there is some room for improvement, we already have pretty good team communication. As for actual work that was done, I think there was a very steep learning curve that had to be covered. I remember in previous classes, we did projects with angular and typescript but the tasks that were completed didn’t go into details as much as this project does. I think one of the issues that stands out the most is all the issues I had with the various angular dependencies. But luckily, one of our teammates was pretty comfortable with angular and was able to offer help when i needed. There were times we contemplated building the project on one system and making sure it was running there, then we were going to clone it into our team’s repository and get everyone to pull from that repository. This we hope was going to eliminate most of the error but we were wrong and after many research, we figured doing it independently on each machine would expose us all to many things that would be helpful to know. It would also add to our already limited angular knowledge.  Overall, it was a good sprint and I think most of what we set out to do was accomplished and I know lot more angular that I did a few weeks ago. Looking forward to the year!


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