Pattern 1 : Your first language


This pattern talks about the biggest step for every “programmer”. I mean i can also say you need to take this step before you are given the title of a programmer. After reading the section above this pattern which addressed emptying your cup before receiving more, i found it very easily cohesive with the content of this pattern. Programming is almost like nothing you have done before. But its only when you begin to understand it, that you begin to see how in tune it is with things that we do everyday unconsciously.  I agreed with how the author addressed this chapter. Unless you open your mind to accept new understanding and insight, grasping the concept of programming as a whole becomes almost impossible. The only way to truly excel at this craft is to dedicated your entire life as a programmer to the cause of learning and improving everyday regardless of how much you know. because for all you know, a new language can erupt tomorrow and render your task and routine of today, obsolete. Everyday you sit down to program you have to be yielding to learn and grown because there can be a new framework that came out yesterday that can make your life a lot easier as long as you know how to implement it. To better implement new techniques and methods will ultimately depend on your understanding of the basics of programming. And your understanding of the basics and fundamentals can be attributed to your in dept understanding of your first  language and the tasks you used it for. But once you have acquired this knowledge do not allow yourself to be bound by this knowledge but instead use it as fuel to attain new heights in the programming world. Every task that you are able to complete or solve should fuel you to learn the next thing in line. Programming is one of those things that theoretical knowledge only goes a distant. Using the knowledge to build, solve and overcome new challenges broadens one’s understanding of the art and this is the path that leads to greatness. The learning curve of a particular framework or technology grows exponentially in regards to the task and problems it is used to fixed.


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