Algorithms, Puzzles and the Technical Interview- Episode 29.

Coding blocks podcast is presented by Joe Zack, Michael outlaw and Allen Underwood. In this episode, the squad discusses details and understanding of algorithms while addressing problem solving puzzles that are often required for one to make it through a technical interview. The first topic that Michael talked about was staying on top of your coding skills and understanding the latest implementations and trends in the industry. He then recommended It’s a resource that host coding competitions and there is often a prize incentive for the winner. I think this is a great idea because we can all testify that the less you code, the more your skills become obsolete and sloppy. No only would recommending a site like that help coders sharpen their syntax and best practices, it also creates great portfolio references and helps build connections that could play a huge role in allowing a fellow coder to further his or her skills. Later in the podcast they began talking about the latest update to their angular project, which includes angular 2.0. Angular 2.0 is built on typescript. Allen initially talked about his frustration with typescript since it seemed to just translate what needed to be done in another language but actually he addressed some important features of typescript. It is backwards compatible and enables you to do immerse closures and constructor type things in it. He also addressed the similarities between typescript and object oriented programing languages like java or C-sharp. Another resource that was mentioned was code Academy. They advised this site if you are a developer that wants to learn a new programing language or pick up a new programing skill for free. Now after many side talks, the question was asked, what an algorithm is. They defined an algorithm as a set of instructions and procedures that gets a task completed, while defining a program as a set of lines of instructions that are run to complete the task. The program is the implementation of the algorithm. They also defined a design pattern as a collection and organizational workflow that helps organizes code and makes it easy to maintain overtime. Finally they talked about how you can prepare for a technical interview with a potential employer as a developer. Knowing your basic algorithms and how they can be implemented serves as a great way to prepare for an interview. It is a known fact that software algorithms remain the same but they are just re implemented in different ways.





Link – Episode 29



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