AB Testing – Episode 3



-In this weeks testing episode, Brent and Allen brings new light to the careers in software development with a focus on testing. It seemed that most graduates have developing as their first option and when they cannot do that, they want to fall back to software program management and if all fails, they settle for being a tester. The fact of the matter is that people don’t value the career of testing. But if you are able to be a good tester, you build the skills required to make a great developer. Usually testers have to manager programs and create tests around that schedule. Again students who study big data learn great and valuable skills that are applied in the field of testing. Things such as reading maps, graphs, making analysis and analyzing data input and outputs are all skills that helps make one a great tester.

So why aren’t many students becoming software tester?

Brent and Allen took a survey from a selected number of student and they found out that schools are not teaching testing classes. This could be the reason why many students don’t find value in studying software testing. It is often believe that testing is embedded in software development but the sooner we demystify this the better!. It is been proven that writing tests strategies and plans before writing code often help speed up the software building process. This is because knowing what you code is suppose to do makes it easier to create code to do what its suppose to do. Now how can


We use metrics and Data analysis to improve testing?

Data analysis often provides detailed information about page load time, memory usage charts and load balancing metrics. This data allows a tester to identify potential bugs and issues that need to be addressed before the release of a software product. By managing and properly observing the metrics that matter, we are able to produce better data that directly affect the performance of the software. By implementing proper metric techniques, companies and software companies are able to relate marketing to performance and user feedback. By use of metric, Amazon is able to know how much a delay of 1 millisecond affects them in annual revenue. By getting information such as these, companies are able to proper manager their markets and are able to know what their customers expect of them.






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