2# Software Design and Construction

Coding Blocks – Design Pattern- Episode 2

I think this was one of the podcast episodes I was really excited to see. The topics was design patter so I figured I would hear things and concepts I was familiar with and also serve as a measure for me to test what I knew and how in-depth I could follow the episode. Right off the bat, they begin to talk about the absence of design patterns in their curriculum when they were in school. This made a light bulb go off. Meaning I am technically ahead of that era in terms of the tools I am being provided in school to better succeed in the real software construction and development world. Joe Zack also mentions that he knew the big O notation for the entire basic sorting algorithm, which is something I am also familiar with. I am currently an expert at the shell-sorting algorithm. With all the things they were talking about I was able to face reality that I am not really too far away from being a developer on a software development team. Also it demonstrated how much the field of software engineering has changed. It’s crazy for someone to graduate from computer science and not know what design patterns are in today’s world. All projects and programs   today utilize design patterns to create a hierarchy of classes comprising of parent, children, abstract and class interfaces. This helps organize and makes thing more legible for the next programmer that is hired to “maintain” the program. To become a great programmer, one need to develop great design and organizing skills that can be translated into project design patterns. Again Design pattern can actually be divided into three (3) categories.


  1. Creational Patterns. (Factories, Builders, Prototype and Singletons)
  2. Structural Patterns. (Adapter, Bridges, Flyweight, Proxy, etc.)
  3. Behavioral Patterns (Observers, strategy, Chain of responsibilities, etc.)


This I did not know!


Creational Patterns: They help encapsulate the logic of creating classes in a more separate class where classes are created and represented outside the logic that utilizes the creational pattern.


As the discussion got deeper, I noticed that most of these guys recording the podcast have done tons and tons of projects that utilize some of the concepts they are talking about. Right of the bat, I got the initiative to start a project and try to use and implement as many new concepts as I can. Because after all, the best thing you can do for yourself as an upcoming developing in school is to start many projects on your own and try implementing new things you learn and read in school because in the worst case, you familiarize yourself more with topic and concepts that get taught in class.






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